• Question: Sallie - we were worried that boys especially would give low scores to appear 'cool' in front of their friends so we talked through our scale before showing Hannah's picture, looking at really ugly things such as blob fish to put the scale in terms chn could relate to, and stressing that this was a serious science investigation and not for messing around. All chn did a secret score so no-one knew how they had reacted. However, we aren't going to be able to stress the important science investigation bit to the research groups - have I messed up?

    Asked by tyrrellt to Sallie on 24 Jul 2017.
    • Photo: Sallie Baxendale

      Sallie Baxendale answered on 24 Jul 2017:

      Thanks for this and No you haven’t messed up at all!
      This is a really important issue and one that may explain the findings in your school.
      I will include this in the discussion of the results – particularly when it comes to looking at the differences between the boys and girls ratings.

      Many thanks for all your work on this project. It has been fascinating looking at all of the different results.

      wbw Sallie