Teachers: Use these materials to carry out the Enquiry Zone project this June

These are the materials you need to carry out the project in your school. Please aim to complete the project by the end of June.

1. The project lesson plans

2. The image of Hannah for the experiment

Thank you for all the feedback from you and your students in creating this project. You are the experts in what works in your school so if you spot something that needs changing, please do comment below. It should be possible to make adjustments, or adapt the plans to work better in your school.

If you want to check something with Sallie, use ASK to send her questions at any time.

After doing the project

When you’ve finished the project please send your results to michaela@mangorol.la so Sallie can collate them with data from other schools.

It’s important your students hear what the ultimate outcome from the project is, to ‘close the loop’. To make sure this happens before the end of term, please send in your data by Monday 3rd July so Sallie can write up the report in time.

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